DJ Mike Parent

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is your pricing information?
Pricing depends on a number of factors. These include the location, hours booked, number of system setups needed, additional lighting requested, etc.
I do NOT charge for setup time, up to two wireless microphone(s), or standard lighting (lighting may depend on the services requested, hours, and location).

What is the size and makeup of your music library?
Like most Disk Jockeys in this digital age I have thousands of songs in my mobile library; and it's growing all the time. Most events require the playing of an average of about 20 songs per hour so the choice of these 60, 80, or 100 or so songs is even more important then the overall library size.
My music collection includes Classical, Big Band, Top 40 from the 1950's through today, Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Country etc.
I have my music on my laptop and carry backup on CD and on an external harddrive. The laptop is a way to make bringing more music with me possible.

What about music request lists?
I welcome your input with requests including "special requests", "must haves", "would like to hear", and "do-not-play lists". Your requests will give me a good idea of the direction you want the music to take. You don't need to try to program the whole evening as I will base what is played on your lists, other requests, and "reading the crowd".

What happens if you don't have a song on our request list?
In the rare event that I do not have a song on your advance request list I will get it, or work with you to get it. The itinerary form which includes special dance selections, and other music requests are due at least one week prior to your event to allow time for review and acquiring any additional music.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I carry full DJ liability insurance as required by some venues.

Do you offer free consultations?
I am happy to offer free consultation(s) to help with planning, pricing and to help answer any questions.

For weddings, do you provide music for the ceremony also?
Depending on your plans I do often provide services for ceremonies and receptions.

Do you handle announcements?
I can handle all of the announcements, introductions and other MC duties as needed. If you have someone you would like to do some announcements or introductions I will work with you on that as well.

What if I have someone that wants to play or sing a special live performance?
I will work with you and the person(s) doing the performance to help make it happen. It would need to be arranged and approved by the client ahead of time and ideally we would have a chance to do a sound check prior to the performance to set the best levels etc.

What about wedding reception timeline management?
I will work with you and the other vendors to help keep things on time and work around timing issues that may arise. I provide you with an itinerary form to help with planning the timing and schedule of your reception events.

Should a meal be provided for the DJ?
If a meal is being served, then a meal will be made available for the DJ. Some venues regularly provide a "vendor meal" for your vendors. For your event the DJ is starting a few hours prior to the start time and finishing a couple of hours after the event's end making it a long day.

Do we "tip" the DJ?
The DJ is providing a service that will hopefully meet your expectations or more. Tipping is not "required" but as with any service industry, is appreciated if you feel the service provided is worthy.

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